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What You Need to Know About Microsoft Server List


Microsoft Corporation is a multinational technology company that creates, process and license and sell different technological equipment and services including personal computers, computer software as well as other electronic devices. One of its affiliate products is the Microsoft Windows operating system which is used in the running of the computers and other smartphones. Ever since the making of the system, Microsoft has continuingly developed new updates every year, hence, making the consumers to have new features in the systems. Other than the operating systems, Microsoft has also designed software such as Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Office suite.


The corporation also acts as a host for many technological and telecommunication companies. It has some servers that other companies and individuals can use in their day to day internet use. The top minecraft servers are divided into various categories including operating systems, those focusing on productivity, and security. The servers that are meant for operating systems include Window server, window NT as well as Windows 2000. It is good to note that Microsoft has been updating the operating systems with newer versions, therefore, the names of the systems keep on changing with versions, for instance, Window NT 3.1 had a latest version referred to as Windows NT 3.5 On the other hand, the servers that specialize in productivity include E-Commerce portal, Forms Server, Exchange Server, Groove Server, among others. The production servers are designed to operate specifically with Microsoft Office, a software for typing documents.


Other than developing servers for operating systems and productivity, Microsoft also creates servers that are meant for providing security to their client's documents and online information and applications. The following are examples of the security servers; these include Forefront server and Identity Integration Server. The former is made up systems which include Exchange Online Protection, Unified Access Gateway, and Protection for Exchange Server as well as Identity Manager. If you want to learn more about minecraft servers, visit


Users of Microsoft servers tend to enjoy numerous benefits; for instance, the operating system servers enable the user to customize the interface into his preferred design, for example, one can change the colors, the fonts, and the background image and themes that pleases them. Furthermore, the window applications are compatible with many versions of the operating system servers hence one can install as many software as possible into their system that their computers can use comfortable accommodate. Microsoft also provides customer support by offering pop out that guide the client on how to use a particular server. Also, one can comfortably shift from one minecraft skyblock server to another.